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We are a cross-disciplinary team and we never take our eyes off the prize: creating useful experiences that make an impact on the world.

Data-driven and human-centered, we use an iterative process to level up our design thinking and practicing. Being an integral part of the product development cycle, we begin with research and ideation and follow up with meaningful experience designs. But our work doesn’t end there: we then collaborate with developers to help them breathe life to our designs and, finally, we test and test again, with real users, in real life scenarios.

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Projects we love

What do product design and user research have in common?  For us, it’s the equal amount of love we show them. Because, whatever the project, we are always excited to work on it, from start to finish.

Illinois Lottery

Designing the purchase flow for Fast Play games was an interesting challenge for the UXR and Product design teams.

“How might we design a smooth purchase experience?”

Usability, ease of use and tech feasibility were our core drivers. Design Sprints were our engine. A fun, consistent and intuitive purchase flow was the successful outcome.

User Research

Data driven design is at the core of what we do. Thanks to our fantastic team of user researchers we can deeply understand and improve the experience of lottery players around the globe and across projects.

Our research spans from the newest technology trends, to learning how lottery product managers compose game portfolios, to what it’s like to play a ticket on a retail store, and how exciting it is to win a lottery prize.

Irish National Lottery

We are proud for having designed the award winning Irish National Lottery app.

Designing for native experiences brings interesting challenges and fantastic opportunities to create smooth user experiences. Like the Shake To Play feature.

The Shake To Play feature was a blast to work on. By simply giving your phone a shake and your new numbers will appear on screen right then and there.

Game Design

Our game design team has been designing a wide range of highly successful Instant-Win games and digital Fast Play games.

Every game we design, we design with passion so that players across the globe have fun when playing! From the wild west to mysterious ancient worlds, our games take iLottery players through an exciting journey.

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Game Design

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We’re putting together our winning deck and we’re searching for aces. Do you care for the well-being of others, work with integrity, and are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get interesting projects done? For us, diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences makes the best hand.

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