We engineer with passion

We are a team of engineers focused on technology, innovation, security, integrity, and stability of solutions.

With our eye on the best engineering practices and methodologies, we always up our game by achieving high standards of quality and performance. Our methods are plenty but our goal is one: crafting our next-generation, interactive lottery platform and making it the best it can be. Because creativity brings innovation, and diversity of people and ideas brings success.

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Spring Boot


React +
React Native






The projects we love

Identifying errors as soon as possible is our way of working. That’s why we design our software development process based on fast-failing. That’s exactly how we deliver high-quality software

From start to finish



Test automation

Let's play together

We’re putting together our winning deck and we’re searching for aces. Do you care for the well-being of others, work with integrity, and are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get interesting projects done? For us, diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences makes the best hand.

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