Academy Web Game Development

Our Web Game Development Academy is here with 1 goal.
Training new, competent tech professionals that are willing to excel in the industry and hit the jackpot: become 1 of us.

You will get plenty of material and self-paced courses to enhance your game-development knowledge. In AWLS we value both technology and personality so you will complete assessments for both.

The winners of every stage will be offered a job in Allwyn Lottery Solutions.

Being a game front end engineer at AWLS means working in a Scrum team for conceptualising, designing and “breathing life” into our lottery games. Utilise the full range of your skills and work alongside a great team of people in Greece, London, Ireland and Chicago.

Course 1

Week 01

  • Git: Getting Started with Git
  • Git: How Git Works
  • JavaScript: Getting started

Week 02

  • JavaScript Promises and Async Programming
  • Object-oriented Programming in JavaScript – ES6

Week 03

  • Webpack: Transpiling and Building JavaScript
  • Redux: Getting Started

Week 04

  • HTML5 Game Development with PixiJS

Week 05

  • PixiJS
  • Learn PixiJS

Week 06-07

  • Pixi Challenge Project

Are you ready to play?


Level 1

We assess your current technical skills through an online platform.


Level 2

If you’re one of the most promising candidates you begin your learning journey.


Level 3

You attend the courses at your own time but within the given timeline – 8 weeks.


Level 4

Within 2 weeks you will have to submit your final project, the Pixi Challenge, and then present it to our committee.


Level 5

Our HR team will interview, get to know you, and talk about our culture and ways.


Level 6

You are now 1 of us and we will be very happy to welcome you and help you thrive.

Apply in 2 steps

You’ll just need to hit the link of our career page. You will then submit your cv and fill in the required fields. We will send you a confirmation email with all the necessary details and that’s it!

Let's play together

We’re putting together our winning deck and we’re searching for aces. Do you care for the well-being of others, work with integrity, and are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get interesting projects done? For us, diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences makes the best hand.

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