We assure quality

We are a diverse team of skilled QA professionals and we share 1 goal: to deliver high-quality products to our clients.

To do that we test and test again from day 1 of the project’s life cycle. Because we know the critical role that testing plays for the success of any product. With metrics and data in our hands, we constantly measure our work and pave our way to our prize: a successful production launch.

Our tools lead us to success










We are structured for the win

Three structural levels with 1 goal: a successful product. First come the QA engineers. Their task is to find and test everything on sight. Then come the QA leads. They organise test tasks, draft artifacts, review the engineer’s work and, sometimes, even give hands-on assistance. Finally, we have our QA/Test managers. Leaders of our testing strategy, they connect us with our clients, while ensuring that, whatever happens, we will deliver high-quality results.It’s all about procedureFrom creating to maintaining a brilliant product, QA is essentially based on frameworks.

It’s all about procedure

From creating to maintaining a brilliant product, QA is essentially based on frameworks. The main pillars and values that define success around that are:

  • Involvement of QA in all processes
  • Client satisfaction
  • Business reputation
  • High efficiency – shift left approach
  • Metrics for the quality of each deliverable
  • Systematic test support at all phases
  • Continuous improvement

Let's play together

We’re putting together our winning deck and we’re searching for aces. Do you care for the well-being of others, work with integrity, and are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get interesting projects done? For us, diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences makes the best hand.

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